As a collective, we are in pursuit of a purposeful direction and meaningful connections. Cl0th is a foundation and fashion brand built on the undercurrent that the voiceless need a voice. A voice directed towards people to ignite a chain of support from all over the world. The founders of cl0th feel obligated to share with those who need it the most to secure basic human rights, as we know it in the Western world that makes our lives easier. Such as, clean water supplies, fresh and sufficient food, electricity, education, secure environment for men and women, children, students, workers and the list goes on. 

Current resources are limited available for the foundation, but the founders of cl0th strive for harmony and equality for everyone. Therefore, cl0th will grind to reach the possibility to establish tailor-made support projects without intermediaries in international dimension.

Support cl0th, support the movement, support the people


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