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About Us

Cl0th is a fashion brand built on the undercurrent that focuses not only on art and creative production. Also on society’s urge to find reasoning and live purposefully. Founded by two childhood friends, Jeffrey A. and Afis T. with different backgrounds, and are bound by faith. Based in the Netherlands, the brand combines influences from upbringing in a complex lifestyle with commitment to detail, innovation and desire to push new ideas forward.
In the first instance, cl0th refers to clothing. In our case, the essence of cl0th is to stimulate independent thought, decisiveness, which brings to light our true potential, our highest self. It’s counterparts are responsible for the worst human inner afflictions that will also manifest itself externally. That is to say that thoughts controlled by negativity sabotages human potential, limiting yourself. The aim of cl0th is to support you in unlocking the ‘other self’ triggered by positive thoughts. You will come to know that your potential reaches beyond what you could have ever imagined. Come to discover your highest self, your cl0th.


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