About Us

What is cl0th?
Cl0th is a fashion brand built on the undercurrent that focuses on art and creative production.
 Founded by two childhood friends, Jeffrey A. and Afis T. with different backgrounds, and are bound by faith. Based in the Netherlands, the brand combines influences from upbringing in a society subjected to a lack of cultural appreciation with commitment to detail, innovation and desire to push new ideas forward.
What does cl0th mean?
Cl0th derives from clothing and a piece of clot. The fashion brand also attaches great importance to ones identity, character and integrity. The brand encourage every single individual to stand with their morals and act accordingly, even though the pressure of the outside world allures you to follow its principles. Your fortitude and perseverance during trials but also comfort represent the type of cl0th you are made of.
The vision of the founders
“Embracing cultural differences by using them as inspiration for our cl0th” 
The founders strive for a society where diversity is embraced to create a harmonious unification among communities at which, physical attributes and believes are not victimized by prejudices and unfairness. A change starts individually and proceeds by cultivating the next generation with an open heart to be better than their predecessors.